May 20, 2020
Anyone know about this documentary? It's 2 hours 45 minutes long, and covers the history of the Playstation, from inception and Sony's original plans to collaborate with Nintendo, then branching off to their own platform.
Overall, I thought it was interesting. I could have done without the two or three musical interludes with cutscenes of games from the era being discussed. I found the music annoying, and it kind of didn't fit too well with the overall pace of the documentary.
With that small caveat aside, I'm a fan of learning about the evolution of gaming and computer technology in general, so it was fun to observe the advancements in tech from one Playstation general to the next.
Also, a lot of the nostalgia comes in as well. I played about 80% of the games shown from the 80s up to the present, but many I hadn't played in MANY years. I remembered where I was at in my life when I played those games, and kept thinking "Damn I'm getting old" haha

Some of the interviews with the original game developers and system technicians was also fun to watch.
Overall, I recommend it if you're a fan of console gaming history stuff.