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Apr 23, 2020
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Guide to Base Command
Base Command is first and foremost dedicated to building a fostering community, and providing a platform to consume video game related content. Base Command goes about creating an inviting atmosphere by creating engaging content for our users. In order to maintain a fostering community, we have certain guidelines and rules that all users must abide by to help facilitate this.

User Accounts
A general overview to user accounts, permissions, and types of accounts.

When you register for an account on or associated properties, you may not use a disposable email address. Base Command utilizes various technologies to assist in spam prevention; to include accounts, posts, topics, and private messaging. By registering an account, this requires acceptance of our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, and Cookie Policy. At any time, you can find these polices linked at the footer of the community.

Generally, if you are banned or your account is rejected a response is provided as to why this has happened. If you do not receive a response or require assistance, please contact us.

Account Types
There are various types of accounts on, below you will find those.
  1. Member: These accounts belong to general users.
  2. Premium: Those who support Base Command, by purchasing a Premium Account.
  3. Verified: Users who have gone through a verification process. Members of the Press, Video Game Publishers & Developers, Popular Streamers, and more. You will see a "Verified Checkmark" next to their name, as well as their information in their signature block.
  4. Moderator: These are select members of the community that enforce rules.
  5. Team: Those who help run the community, that are members of the Base Command Team.
An overview of the moderation process and reporting content to the moderators.

Reporting Inappropriate Content
Base Command has various team members that consist of administrators, moderators, and other team members. While we make every effort to enforce the rules to building a fostering community, we could use assistance from the community. Below each topic or post on the community, you will see a "Report" button. The fastest way to report content is by reporting it, once reported this content will go in queue for a team member to review.

Community Policies, Terms, and FAQ
Where to find community policies, legal terms, and frequently asked questions.

Terms of Use & Rules
You can locate the most recent version of the Terms of Use & Community Rules here.

Privacy Policy
You can locate the most recent version of the Privacy Policy here.

Premium Membership Terms of Service
You can locate the most recent version of the Premium Membership Subscription here.

Community FAQ
You can locate the most recent version of the Community FAQ here.
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