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  1. fredr0gers

    The iPhone 12 Pro display delay With reports of Apple now potentially delaying 120hz panel screens in this years iPhone hardware refresh I think many people are wondering is this the hardware dealbreaker? With many android devices...
  2. fredr0gers

    Nintendo Animal Crossing New Horizons: Diving Update

    This week Animal Crossing New Horizons on Nintendo Switch released the much anticipated “Diving and Swimming” update. Allowing players to finally embark off the shores of their island to dive for new creatures and treasure as well as go for a much needed summer dip. The addition of NPC Pascal...
  3. fredr0gers

    PlayStation The Last of Us Part 2

    So I’m really debating playing through this as I loved the original. Has anyone (without spoilers) been playing through or finished it yet? Biggest complaints I’ve heard online seem to be from the story itself just being inconsistent. Thoughts?